Girls, Which is better

A hot guy that treats you OK or worse or a okay looking guy that treats you like a princess lol. I have a boyfriend and I am not the best looking chick in the world but they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I treat him great and he treats me very good as well, but he does look more well fit then me, I've gained some weight for medical reasons (but plan on losing it). I was just wondering which type of guys girls prefer most. I would obviously like an OK guy that treats me good!

  • A hot guy that treats me Okay or Worse
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  • A decent guy that treats me like a princess
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  • Ok. This will seem like an obvious question at first but... if you don't know yourself... you'll end up hurting yourself and the "okay looking guy" that treats you like a princess.

    While it sounds like a good idea to go for a guy that treats you like a princess, make sure he can tone it down after a while. From my experience, girls will get tired of being treated like a princess and being put on a pedestal. From here on, the relationship will start to cause problems and the poor guy won't know how to handle it.

    The guy who treats you OK or worse will keep your attention for longer.

    None is better over the other, just make sure you know what you want :)


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What Guys Said 2

  • They claim B, but they go for A. Claim as much bullsh*t as you want, but facts are facts. Hell, it's actually more likely they'd go for a hot guy that treats em like sh*t than an OK or especially an ugly guy that treats em like a princess. Look up the dark triad theory. Men who score higher on it are statistically found to have more female partners.

    • Some of us actually say what we mean ;)

    • you might say what you think you mean, but your actions often speak VOLUMES more. Science has me backed up on this. While some might not be like that, the statistical average (and significantly too) goes with the d***.

  • So what you're saying, is that I'm too hot to be nice?

    • since your anonymous your not anything so I can't really say

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    • Your whole argument is based on a false premise that only average looking guys can be nice, and only above-average guys are going to treat you like dirt. Did you get used by a hot guy?

    • no dude it was just a question in general damn

What Girls Said 3

  • An okay looking guy who treats me well, obviously I'm not gonna put up with being treated like crap because no matter how hot the guy is.

  • Guy B no question. Nothing beats a guy who treats his girlfriend well.

  • I pick b