Should I message him or not.

SoSo at camp this guy and me had great chemistry and we flirted. I know he thought I was hot and so on. Only thing stopping him was I was a cit and he was a counselor. When we had barn chores together he tried to get rid of the other people so it could be just us then he was touching me and all the while at camp trying to get me wet literally as much as possible. I really like him. Were friends on fb my move. I liked a picture of his and he liked one of mine today. Do I message him on Facebook or no?

I don't mean wetlike sexually I mean like water


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  • Well I would wait a week after camp had ended, and if he hadn't messaged you, there is nothing wrong with messaging him first. Guys like confidence in a girl, and it sounds like he likes you. So what is there to lose?


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  • Nothing to lose

    • I mean do you think he would be weirded out

    • Youre never going to know if you don't do it. Trust me my very first girlfriend first talked to me over Facebook. And I literally had never talked to her before that

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  • let him message you first!