How to get him to text back?

I have been talking to/flirting with this guy for a couple months. We used to talk on Facebook a lot and then he kept asking me to move our convos to texting, so I did but he only responds to my texts like half the time. I always initiate them as well. I don't feel like I am texting him too much either because I only am texting maybe once every 2 days or so and if he doesn't text back, I don't send anymore because I know guys hate it when girls will send text after text, especially if they start going "Why aren't you replying?" So yeah, I'm not doing that at all, but still. This guy tells me he's into me, but it's weird how he practically begged me to text him instead of Facebook chatting but after we did, our convos have been cut down majorly. Thoughts?


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  • What if you try calling him, if you know he's interested in you? If not, I would send a blank text to him with in the time he hasn't responded. This is a reminder of you with out you being all needy. And if it's bothering you, I would jokingly bring up " Are we actually going to have a conversation this time :P haha" Or something like that... but that's once he actually responded


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  • No. No. No.

    Stop initiating texts with him so often! If he's never the one beginning them, f*** him. He needs to make talking to you more important to him. Conversing with one another shouldn't be that much more important to you than to him.

  • I know this is going against what you said you were going to do, but if I were you I would ask him why he won't text back when He's the one that wanted you to text him in the first place. Question him.. Make it sound like you're losing interest in him, that will get him going and he will start texting you back if he really likes you! If he thinks he is going to lose you as a friend, he will text you back!