Did he expect a kiss? Or was it just surprise?

Okay, me and this guy kind of have a thing but I don't know where it's going. So I was just leaving work and it was just me and him. And I was about to walk past my guy, but he stuck his arms out for a hug.

And I was going for the arms around the neck type of hug and so I brought my face in close and he leaned in too. Like, we were centimeters apart but I didn't expect him to lean in like that, and so kept going for a hug and turned my face. I think he thought I was going in for the kill. But I don't know if he was just surprised that I was hugging him around the neck. (First time I've hugged him like that.)

Like there was no hesitation when he leaned in too. Lol. And when we broke apart he was like, "alright, I'll see you later." And his hands lingered nd he kept them kinda around me. But then our stupid co worker walked in and we broke apart. Awkward lol.


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  • The thought probably raced through his head as it was happening.


What Girls Said 1

  • Haha I think it was both. Like he was surprised you went for an around the neck, and then he read it wrong and thought you were going for a kiss.