I showed up late for a first date and now she won't talk to me...help!

So I met this girl on a speed date and we made arrrangqntents to get together and I said I would be running late...she left and went home and said she was very upset. I apologized to her and she did not pick up the phone. and she was really into me too. she said she was upset that I was not on time. how can I get her to give me another chance...ladies help me please?


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  • Well to be honest, if you texted her or told her you were running late but still coming-I think she is overreacting a bit.

    People have things that come up unexpectedly and they are late. It happens. Yes on a first date it's less than ideal, but come on-being late is a fact of life. Everyone has this happen to them. My now boyfriend was late for our first date :P I have had dates be late before, I waited and they showed up and we had a good time.

    Not all of those meetings turned into anything, but at least I enjoyed my time.

    The question I have to ask is how late were you? When was your date supposed to be and when did you show up?

    If it was an hour or less I would be understanding. Any more than that and I would probably have just rescheduled.

    However, since she is upset and you want to some how remedy this situation I would start by apologizing. Tell her you are sorry, and that you want to make it up to her. Plan an awesome fun date. You might have to put more work into this than what you would normally do, but if you really like this girl then it is worth it.

    Take her somewhere that will wow her. You don't have to spend a lot of money, just make it a romantic date.

    Have a picnic under the stars, take her somewhere nice.

    Try to explain to her why you were late and how it won't happen again. Hopefully she will be understanding and give you another chance. If not, then it was obviously not meant to be.


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  • You may not be able to its very important to be on time for a first date. That's when she sees the first impression of you. Keep telling her you are really sorry I guess she didn't think it was a good excuse.


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  • You saw her true colors and didn't get tied up in a relationship, consider yourself lucky.

  • I go on speeddate.com just to harrass people; ugly bunch of women on there btw.