Should I wear the bracelet my ex made me?

My ex broke up with me because he said he wanted to just be friends. At first, I declined.. But then I figured I'd give it a try. He says he really cares about me & wants to hang out, but he likes me like a best friend. We're hanging out this weekend & I'm confused. Should I wear the bracelet he gave me? I also made him a bracelet before he broke up with me..Before we broke up I said I had a surprise.. Should I give him it? Thanks!


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  • I don't see why not. I still wear the bracelet my ex made me, and she still has my old military dog tags. Nothing wrong with being friends with an ex I don't think. Friendly break ups are always better than a negative one.

    If you're having problems getting over him, you should probably get rid of it though as it's a constant reminder. Out of sight out of mind.

    So yes and no, depending on your situation.

  • You should. It shows him you still care for him although the situation in this is limbo. He will respect that and see you as a person who cares beyond the vast scope of relationship in life.

    • You're right! Maybe it'll be kinda like.. a keep the peace thing.

    • It'll be beyond a peace agreement but a symbol of complete trust and friendship which could mean more in the future.

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  • if you don't feel anything for him then sure

    • When he dumped me, the reason I didn't want to be friends was because I still had feelings for him.. But now I've acceptes the friendship thing. But I think he thinks I still really like him. :/ This is so confusing.. I don't want to offend him, but I don't want to give him the wrong idea.

    • he said he felt differently there is no reason why you would still feel the same. just act like friends. no big deal. =)

  • If you like the bracelet, sure just wear it and sure you should gave him the one you made him... just explain to him that you made it before you guys broke up.. and that he doesn't have to take it personal... trust me, he'll be thinking about it all night