How do you know if I guy will call you for a second date or not? and how do you tell if he is interested still?

Ok well So I finally go and have a lunch date with this guy I met at the club , and I cannot really tell if he is into me, He was more into me at the club and I think he may be disappointed with me now , it seemed OK we talked laughed a little etc, . He offered me a mint when we were leaving , so I thought I might get a kiss NO KISS though, he drove me to my car parked further down, and when we stopped he got out and starting messing with stuff in backseat. I felt dumb sitting there in his car so I just go out and opened my door and starting my car with the door open standing there waiting for him to finish what he was doing, so he came over to me and say he wanted to hug my neck, and I gave him a hug but it seemed to me he turned his head slightly to the side so then I figured he did not want to kiss me, so I just gave me a kiss on the cheek, and MAN AT THAT POINT I FELT SO UNATTRACTIVE someone, Then I think I did something dumber,I said it was fun we should do it again and he said oh yea for sure and looked genuine, but I do not know , SO any advice on what's going on with him, and what should be my next move? I really like him and we have fun out (FYI we have not had a real kiss yet just a slightly longer peck last night when we were at the club HELP Please THANKS

well he texted me around 10 pm and our date was over at 4 pm so I guess that's gool, Accept teh text was so kinda formal soundding , Just said thank you for meeting me for lunch, and hope I got a chance to rest (I saw him at the club the where he works the night before) I did not respond to his text thoug. should I text him back today to say thank you as well?


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  • You will get your answer if he calls or text's you.


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  • you will know if he calls you.