Is it normal to never hang out with your boyfriend's friends?

Whenever my boyfriend goes out with friends, I never get invited, even though I've known most of his friends for years. Is this normal? Is there a reason I might not be getting invited to go out with them?

All of his friends in relationships have their girlfriends with them.


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  • But on the other hand I ain't getting my friend's full attention with the Mrs present. Flirting, arguing, making plans with one another, just focusing most of their attention on one another (something you can do, and do do, in your own time) rather than us, his attention hungry bretherin from whom you have stolen him... but seriously, you aren't joined, and as much as 'the boys' may like you, it's always nice to just have the boys, on occasion, if that's alright... selfish request I know ;) haha


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  • Bringing your girlfriend is a drag on the group. My doesn't either unless we all collectively bring our girlfriends.

    • I'm the only girlfriend not there...

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    • Haha not always, but this time they are.

    • Well, I don't know what your boyfriend's problem is then.

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  • Are they all guys? Or girls and guys?

    • Girls and guys.

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    • No, I mean something like, "Lately it's been bothering me that I'm never invited to hang out with you and your friends. I could understand if it was just the guys, but your friend's girlfriends are invited. Why is that?"

    • I never thought about that, I think I will ask him. Thanks.