Why is it so hard to get a text to the States?

I'm from Canada and trying to text someone I know in the states and I resend and resend but they hardly ever go through even though I have full service and receive the messages fine. why is this? can I fix it somehow?


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  • Well your lucky I'm the geek to awnser that. I would have to do you have international text card? Or unlimited texting? If you do they might have a block where they can only get text from contacts.

    • i have unlimited texting and they are a contact. I receive all their messages fine but sending has only worked about three times, I almost every time have full service and all my messages to people in canada send perfectly

    • Crunching numbers I figured there's a problem somewhere in the system


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  • I text a friend in Canada all the time

    Once in a blue texts don't go through

    try take both your batteries out for about 15 seconds and see what happens

    I'm pretty sure the service is the issue

  • Do calls go to the states easy for you?


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  • Maybe they just have a crappy phone that has difficulty receiving texts. Or maybe because you're so far away. The fact that the other person is in the United States shouldn't matter I don't think.

    • i receive them fine its sending them that's the problem

    • oh well I don't know then. Maybe you could call your phone company and ask them about it. Because I'm not sure why you would be able to receive texts but not send them.