My boyfriend's friends talk very nasty things about me but he's still friends with them..what to do?..i feel insulted

I am in a relationship for the past 2 years and I am very happy. But my boyfriend's friends talk all bad, very nasty stuffs about me, in front of him or otherwise too and he's still friends with them. Even his married elder brother spoke adult stuffs to me and my boyfriend didn't even ask him anything..He says he will call me but never does..always calls me when he's free from all his leisure activities. we fight a lot and he says things like I dnt care, do what you wanna do, when he's high and next morning he behaves as if nothing happened..What to do? What is he upto?


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  • Wow, your boyfriend sounds like a real winner. Why are you with this guy if he is as oblivious to your feelings as you have indicated? He does not defend you, he does not honor his word, and he is putting you in a situation conducive to humiliation.

    Secondly, why are you not defending yourself when his friends or brother are saying inappropriate things about you? Speak up and defend yourself! Defending yourself is not going to guarantee the situation will be rectified, however, you will most likely gain their respect by sticking up for yourself. Don't say one word to your boyfriend about defending you. If he is not instinctively man and smart enough to defend his girl, then it is time for you to re-evaluate the relationship. Is he really the type of guy that you want to face the world with?

    As far as him not keeping his word and behaving as if he does not care: you need to change your reactions to his reaction. In other words, if he does not treat you the way that you want to be treated, then let you actions indicate that(not your words). If he does not call you when he said that he would, then don't be available when he decides to call you. If he says things like "do what you want", then do what you want to do. Don't ask him to change, demand change, by not tolerating his unacceptable behavior.


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  • Your boyfriend is just using you and doesn't really like you. He does not care about you and you should dump that zero.