How Can I Get my Boyfriend to Realize his Apartment is DISGUSTING?

We've been together for years and I've told him before I think his place is too messy, but he will not listen. I understand a little bit of a mess (i'm not the cleanest person ever), but his place has gotten beyond what I can handle. Dishes and clothes everywhere, moldy bathroom, food wrappers, dog toys, basically, I can't even walk a few feet in his place without stepping on something and in order for me to set anything down, I have to scoot over mounds of paper, boxes, garbage, you name it.

So, I've SAID something, but how can I get him to REALIZE it?

p.s. anytime I say anything slightly negative to him, he gets extremely offended and thinks I'm nagging him. help.


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  • just stop going to his place. tell him that until he can tidy up, you two will have to hang out elsewhere.


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  • Get use to it because if you stay with him, you will be cleaning it up. He is what 25 going on 12? Does he throw tantrums too?


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  • tell him "we're not hanging out here until you clean either you clean up or we find another place to hang" then leave. seriously.

  • set the dirty crap on fire, and see how he likes his mess then