How do I get a girl out of my head ?

I always think about her, she is exactly what I'm looking for but I don't want a relationship and neither does she. We both wana keep it casual as friends.

what should I do ? I dated other girls, I tried not talking to her, I had a few one night stands but she is always on my mind but I don't want to be tied down to a single girl.


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  • Try it out...the only risk is heart break.


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  • I agree with toulouse: If you both feel the same way, why not try an open relationship? It works if both people are satisfied with it. Committed monogamy isn't your only option :P

  • wow.. really? if you don't want to be tied down, she's not 'exactly' what you're looking for... perhaps if she had a few extra Vaginas, ud go for her.,

    why not just be together and have an open relationship, if neither of you want to give up other people, but like each other more than usual.

    or, do a trial run of a month. break up, if its not to your liking,

    ui ave options so I'm not sure what the despair is about.

  • I think I can understand what you felt.

    Just like, you love to eat strawberry, then if there is a piece of strawberry cake in front of you, will you eat the strawberry or the cake first?

    Apparently you are the one choose to enjoy the strawberry at the end. But just kindly remind, someone may eat your strawberry when you don't notice ;)

    If you don't mind to lose her, just do whatever you like.


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  • Drown her with alcohol and suffocate her with smoke