Would she take me seriously? I like her...

I'm a sophomore in high school and this girl is a junior. We talk quite a bit, but she is always making suggestive remarks to me or acting as though we are dating. She's had 2 boyfriends in the last year, but I wonder if she really likes me. I really like her, she's very attractive and stuff. I'm not sure she would take me seriously if I asked her out for real.

Girls advice please


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  • Before you make like a big move, next time you guys are hanging out just out you're arm around her or hold her hand and just see how she reacts. If she acts playful then she might not take you seriously,if she seems to like it an leans into you or reciprocates the hand holding, then I'd say ask her out, and if she doesn't like it...well then you gotta move on.


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  • Doubt it, girls at that age that care about there popularity at all will probably not date a man younger then them. She might not care though so it is worth a shot asking her out, worst thing that can happen is say no.

  • It sounds as though she's just joking around. she probably has no idea you feel this way. I think you should let her know how you feel. I think she will take you seriously. I just don't think she understands that you actually like her.


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