Is space what we need? Am I compromising?

So my boyfriend had a house party Friday and he basically treated me like sh*t and he embarrassed me in front of his friends. Then he decided it was best I went home Saturday but I ended up leaving early hours Friday night due to a big bust up with him. He text me Saturday morning apologozing, I forgave him and said I'd come see him Saturday night he said 'i don't want you here we need space and I'm having another party' I said can I come he said no. So I thought okay maybe space is what we need, then Tonight he's having another party that I'm not invited to. Am I being selfish about this or am I being reasonable? I thought when you have space from your partner it's time to think about that person and your feelings for them how can he possibly be thinking of me while he's partying all weekend?


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  • Having space from your partner means doing things that help retain your sense of self. It is possible to lose your sense of self and think of the "our" version of everything, instead of yours or my versions. You stop being yourself and this can cause a fallout on the relationship.

    • He text me last night saying hey beautiful I love you I don't see signs of a break up, but I don't understand why I ain't allowed to be at his party.

    • Errr. Sorry, seems I only answered what having space is. Not sure why he'd even mention a party, that was rather insulting. Not exactly what needing space is, but sadly it does require you not being around him. Have him thoroughly explain what space means to him.

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  • Drop him! He doesn't respect you enough to have you around at these parties, and he's just gonna keep doing it as long as he thinks that you'll take some lame ass apology from him as a consolation prize. Id say that its time to end things in a hurry!