When starting a new relationship, is it best to date someone similar to you, or very different from you?

Would you prefer to date someone who has similar interests or tastes in things as you do... since that would give you more to talk about and bond with them over?

Or would you rather date someone who is very different from you... since it can broaden your horizons and introduce you to new things and different perspectives?

I think that in the early "get to know you" stages of a relationship, it's nice to have things in common, but the deeper things are what keeps the relationship going.

Which would you choose when you're just starting out in a new relationship? Elaborate as much as you wish!

  • When dating someone new, I'd rather date someone with similar interests/tastes as me, since we would have more to talk about and bond over together.
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  • When dating someone new, I'd rather date someone very different from me, because it can broaden my horizons and introduce me to new things and different perspectives.
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  • I can't decide (please explain).
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  • I voted A.

    With me...i know that I am naturally nice and sweet...but I am also a domineering person. THE definition of "nice-aggressive".

    A female that's recessive...will inevitably be walked all over by me and will end up being a "yes, sir" type, then I'll get bored.

    I like the bold, blunt, opinionated, aggressive type of female. Why? Cauz I am all those qualities, and I know that I need a female like me, or else she can't keep up with me intellectually, or in terms of "balance of power" in the relationship.


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What Guys Said 5

  • I prefer to date a woman that there's strong mutual attraction, she could be similar to me, she could be the opposite.

  • Similar. If you want a long lasting relationship? You want similarities. Things you can draw from with each other> Having differences causes friction and causes problems. Opposites only attract for initial different kinda attraction. But not long lasting. Only fools date people of opposite mindsets/interest/etc tbh.

  • I voted B. With A, things could get a bit boring.

  • I generally date people that are similar to me.

    But I have dated girls that are quite different from me.

    It really just depends on the person

    • How were you able to make things go along smoothly with the girls you didn't have much in common with?

    • For the most part yes, because there was an initial attraction :)

  • I like to date someone who has similar characteristics as me, as well as lifestyle (no drinking, smoking, etc)

    I think those who are able to really get into new things should try dating someone different.


What Girls Said 3

  • if he is respectful & openminded, and \good at communicating, then it doesn't really matter. not knowing about stuff can & learning teaching, be just a bonding a common interests,.without trust, it doesn't matter how similar your interests r. you can still be uncomfortable talking about then, period.

  • Someone new? and never really met? Definitely someone with intrests similar to mine, it makes things go smoother. But someone I have talked to for a long time and known as a friend. Opposites.

    • Why would knowing them longer make you want to date someone who's opposite from you?

    • because I have other things to talk to them about even if we have nothing in common as far as intrests go

  • either can work I go based on who I like and feel an attraction to

    • But if someone's very different from you, what can you do together or talk about when you're just starting to date them?