Should I believe him? Please help

I chatted with him online for over 2 months, and found common and met. Since then we were in a relationship. He talked about marriage, and I was a virgin with him at that time. Now we’ve been together for 4 months, only met 6 or 7 times. Because of his shift work time and flight a lot, he always spent time on clubbing alone or with clients, doing drugs. (He worked most of time in my city. ) He always brags about his money and house and car, but when I hang out with him, we never go to a nice restaurant or buying any even a flower or small gift to me. I am not saying I am materialist, but I don’t know if he really loves me as he said. He said all the girls come to a guy for money, he would like to show his effort by spending time or blabla. And because we never come to each other’s real life. I talked to him about showing his love to me on the internet, and he said, there are lots of his clients there, he can’t put stuff like that on the internet, he won't put his personal life in his work. I am super confusing now, he looked like decent, and he’s a god person and always listen to his mom. But I really don’t know if he’s just fooling me around. Please help~ I don’t want any drama in my life again.


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  • Well, if you don't want anymore drama in your life, this guy needs to leave the scene.

    How about you try this exercise. Pretend you didn't write this question yourself. Someone wrote it and you came across it. I want you to read it as if you are a complete stranger to it and ask yourself, what would you tell that person.

    There's too much confusion, too many questions, too many insecurities, too much of everything. If you're wondering if this looks as bad to us as it does to you...yes, its bad. He is neither mentally or emotionally mature enough to handle a relationship right now...not when he spends so much of his time hanging out with friends drugging.

    I think its time you move on and leave room open for someone whose going to give you everything you want.

    I wish you luck in love


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  • I'd say you should state it clear to him that he should demonstrate how much he cares for you, I don't say he should buy expensive stuff or the likes, but sometimes a pretty flower can make the difference. Invite him out to a good restaurant, have a nice meal and see if he pays the bill quickly. If not, the only other outcome will be that you'll be the one paying and that you will see if he's not the right guy. If he pays then you'll see if he was the nice guy you had expected and you will be able to carry on normally. Cheers!

    • Thanks. He paid when we were out, like everything. What I am confusing is, he acts like a playboy, and no one knows I exist in his world. I talked to him last night, saying he seems hide me from his life, I kinda admit that, he said business and personal life don't mix. I just not sure if we are in a healthy relationship.

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  • He is bad news. He is probably married with children and has a girl in every city he travels to for work. This might not be the case but don't believe him he is trouble either way.

    • Indeed, that's what I am worring about. I don't like drama at all! But he said he wants to get married in the near future, start his own family and his own business. He explain everything to me, but I don't think that's enough convinsing. I still doubt it.

  • Sorry to say, but he acts and sounds like a pompous, disdainful and deceitful mamaboy.

    Even when a guy pampers you with his money, you can't be sure if he love you . BUT, if he loves/likes you, he will willingly pamper you with whatever he can. It's weird that he NEVER takes you out for a nice place while he brags of his house, money blablabla