Have you ever felt like you're dating someone who is too good for you?

I have recently met this new guy and he has his life in order, unlike myself. My guy has a great job, his own place, a car, got goals, can dress, etc. Me on the other hand, I haven't found a job since graduation, I still live at home, I have a car, I have goals, OK dresser, and I am studying for my masters degree. I really like the guy, I just feel like I'm not on his level, like he's better than me. Have you ever felt like that about someone you're dating? Did it work out between you two? Should I keep seeing him? Any advice would be helpful thanks.


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  • Yeah, kind of, not exactly "better". I felt she was doing so much more than me. It made me really start to get things going in my life. Didn't work out though.

    Your case though is understandable, you're working towards a very rewarding goal which will bring success into your life. I think you should keep seeing him, breaking it off because of worries in your head isn't fair!

    • Yea you're right, I will keep seeing him. Thanks for the great advice.


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  • Yeah I felt that all the time, when I was around your age. But I eventally learned if they really had thought they were too good for me, they'd never would have been with me thus it was only my insecurities telling me this. So I stopped my insecurities.

    • I will stop with my insecurities, thanks so much.

  • Absolutely.

    But then you have to realize that this person probably really likes you for who you are. Don't feel inadequate! Keep seeing him.

    • I will keep seeing him, thanks

  • I don't think those qualities you mentioned make him better then you. He could lose his job tomorrow, in a month be in debt & not be able to afford all the nice clothes. Happens to 1000s everyday. He could even come to you for help. You don't know what tomorrow brings.

    What matters is how you feel about each other, the chemistry & how well you get along

    • That's some great points, I never looked at it like that thanks

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  • Hey there,

    I think these are just "practical" qualities, like some people might just want these qualities for more stability. What's more important is if you guys click or have chemistry, because even if you seem to be dating Mr. Perfect, it won't matter if you guys don't match :)

    • Yea we have great chemistry