He hasn't made an effort to talk to me?

Okay well this guy I like told me he likes me like 2 days ago but since then he hasn't made an effort to talk to me he's Actually ignoring me what us he trying to do


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  • Well, what did you answer? I believe that has a big inpact on that (and usually is the missing info on these questions).

    • Yah, I told him here we go again I didn't want to be mean its just he has told me this before and week later go out with another girl

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    • Tell him you were an idiot. Say that you are sorry for turning him down and especially sorry for the words you used. Tell him you like him. Not easy, I know. But vulnerability is very important in those situations.

    • doesn't matter now he ot a girlfriend thouht I let you know

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  • He is shy, that's happens to me when I ask a girl out but they don't say nothing, and he feels bad for asking you


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  • Honestly the guy is scared to talk to you because he is too afraid to look like a dork in front of you. Or maybe he is trying to figure what he likes about you too.

  • depends what your response was

    • I told here we go again because you see he toldhim he liked me before and a weeks yet he started dating another girl so I just thought he would do it again

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    • The said thing is I did about 3 hours after I realize how e took it I dated him once in 8th grade and we both still like each other I just don't want to be Hirt again

    • i guess it's all up to you now.

      you're afraid of getting hurt, so you need to have a talk with him and figure out if you have enough trust in him.

      from personal experience, all I can say is- you're your number one priority, don't go into something you don't feel secure about. :)