Girl always has boyfriend? Is this bad?

When ever I break up with my boyfriend I go back to an ex till I find a new boyfriend.. when I'm sure that the guy likes me I breakup with the ex and this happened to me for 3 years now I had my first boyfriend 3 years ago never been without a boyfriend since. . I don't know how to stop contacting my ex's. why can't I feel okay not having a boyfriend. I want to feel okay not having a boyfriend at least for a month.. I CANT. I always ALWAYS end up calling one of my ex's.. ( my ex's are always waiting for me they say they love me but I am feeling terrible that I'm doing this to them. ) I don't want to contact them .. how can I get that feeling off my chest:( ?


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  • You've got some issues with being single.


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  • you want to feel needed. every girl does, and maybe you don't have the best friends or something like that, usually girls who always have a boyfriend have a lot of hidden insecurities. Their not content with themselves to be single.