Is "taking it slow to get to know me" real?

I started talking to this guy and he was texting me all the time and wanted to see me all the time. We hung out all day one Saturday, Saturday night and then Sunday. That week he disappeared on me. I asked if he wanted to hang out and he gave an excuse. Then Thursday we talked. He said he wanted to slow things down and he wasn't sure. I ended up seeing him on Saturday night out and we talked for 3 hours. He said he really likes me and wants to get to know me before jumping into something. We spent the night together on Saturday. But now its been three days I only hear a bit but when I flirt with him on texts he ducks away until the next day. Am I thinking too much about it or is he really just not into me?

It has now been three days of silence. How can you take it slow and get to know each other if you don't even get a text?! As much as I want to believe I am wrong, I just don't get it. Any help or clarification PLEASE!


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  • i think you're over thinking it :o) if he wants to get to know you before jumping into something than I'd take it for face value. there doesn't seem to be any reason for him to lie about that. so yeah I'd look at it as getting to know him too as a friend. maybe he's got burned in the past by other women. who knows. but I'd take it slow and respect how he wants things to proceed with you. maybe think of really fun activities you could do together that'll make the situation and time you spend together fun with little pressure. I hope this helps and good luck with your new friend :o)

    ps. some guys seriously just want to take things slow when they meet someone they like.


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  • Perhaps him not contacting you at times is part of taking it slow.

    During the first few weeks, the other person is all you can think about. This naturally goes away somewhat, so it doesn't necessarily mean he's lost interest.

    You might be overthinking things, so far things have gone good for you, maybe he's just not that big on texting/calling.


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  • try not to live by certain rules and regulations like.. "3 days = long time = ignoring me"... just go out and live your life. and if you see him or spend time together then great. but you still have your own life going on. don't make him the most important thing or obsessive valuable you own. just take things as they come and enjoy it as it comes.

    the more you freak out like this the more he'll subconciously pick up on it and see it as possssive or needey.

    i'm not saying play hard to get or play games.. I'm simply saying go keep living your life. if he asks to spend time.. then fit him in . but don't text or call constantly wondering where the next date is comeing from. he'll value you more if he thinks you have a full life and don't need him to be happy...

    think about it...

  • You're over thinking it. Any guy that intends to have a serious relationship with a female will always take it slow. Maybe him not calling you for 3 days is part of taking it slow. Just go with the flow. Go out and have fun other people ..(guys included)/ That guy will either call or text you whenever he feels like doing so. Just refrain from texting or calling him until he calls you back.