Did I make the right choice?

Well my friend whose a male told me he loved me since middle school & I'm a junior in high school now but we don't go to the same school anymore but I don't like him the way he likes me...& the school he goes to a lot of girls like him so I feel like why is he wasting his time on me? I mean he can have any girl but yet he doesn't give up on me? Would it be mean of me to tell him the truth? How can I tell him without sounding like a bitch? Excuse my language (:


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  • In general, you shouldn't' beat around the bush. Just tell him that you are flattered but interested in friends only with him. That way he gets the idea, and you don't leave him hanging.

  • I think being honest is the best choice here. It saves both of you a lot of hurt in the end.


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