okay, so like in April I broke up with my ex and we have been off and on and not even a month ago he hooked up with a girl 2 weeks after we broke up, all hell broke loose and there was some arguments here and there, but for some odd reason, Me and him always seem to be friends, but then recently...i do smoke and we went to one of his boys house to chill and smoke, I met his friend named Partick, and I advise you me and my ex are no longer dating he has a new girlfriend, well 3 days after that me and my ex stopped being friends ( yes I know a never ending cycle) but after a week I added his friend Patrick on Facebook but we did not say one word to each other ever since I added him until a week ago he sent me a message and then after messaging we started talking on the phone, well I seem VERY interested in this Patrick guy and he is wayyyy more mature than my ex, (and to think my ex would learn something from this guy) but Patrick was a MAN to tell my ex "hey me and your ex are friends, but I just wanted to let you know we might have something more in the future" and this doesn't mean in like 2 months we will be dating because I don't feel that's the mature thing to do, I want to get to know his pros and cons before we get into anything serious, but my ex's heart DROPPED when he heard this, and then he came back crawling to me and trying everything possible to get back with my because he doesn't want me EVER being with his friend, but he STILL HAS A GIRLFRIEND while he's trying to get me back, but I'm not stupid and I didn't fall for it, I found out from Patrick that my ex talked SO MUCH sh*t ABOUT ME and how I'm "obsessed" with him to his boys, and then my ex goes and lies to his current girlfriend about me and saying I'm crazy when he told me the same about his girlfriend, so when he had recently hit me up I automatically told his ex and showed her the text that he was denying being with her and stuff, but they got intoo a huge argument and after all of that my ex went to one of his boys house texted Patrick and told him to stop talking to me, and Patrick told him NO because I deserve better and the fact of I AM SO DONE WITH MY EX and I want nothing to do with him that I'm not his priority anymore and he doesn't OWN my name, and now there nor friends anymore and now Patrick sees the real side from my ex and that he only uses girls for his pleasure and to break there heart and jump from girl to girl but always have a back up if things f*** up, and now me and Patrick stay away from my ex and his current girlfriend because we feel he is manipulating her to believe that Patrick is a liar and all this bullsh*t lol, buttttt is it wrong to be talking to one of his friends? I mean they weren't even that close my ex would just use him for weed cause he's selfish. But yeah its it wrong to talk to this Patrick guy?


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  • LINE BREAKS! Please, use them.

    No it's not wrong, he's moved on and you should be able to too.


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  • I don't think it is. If your ex has moved on you can move on tool, you just happened to move on to one of his friends.