Even wanted to crawl under a table and die from humiliation?

what's the most humiliating thing that has ever happened to you

for me it would have to be when I vomited on my schools quarterback while he was try to ask me to a dance

i vomited cause cause he was really really really cute and I'm really really really shy


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  • Mine would be trying to ask a girl out and fainting... Needless to say we never dated. It was the first time I'd ever done that and I have social anxiety so I kind of have trouble with that kind of stuff. Just curious, did he end up taking you to dance?


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  • I gave a rose to a girl I liked, and she didn't even like me, so it was really awkward. I cringe thinking about it.

    Everyone makes mistakes, however humiliating!


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  • I was at work and the other waitresses told me to go find the manager. So I went out the back door (People came in and out of the back door all of the time.) but when I went out the door the alarm decided to go off. So the whole restaurant had the fire alarm going off, then someone yelled, "Fire".

    That's probably not my most embarrassing, but it's all I could think of because it happened like two weeks ago.