There were times where he just wanted us to walk to the supermarket together? Am I overthinking?

i just started university in Sept, and this guy that I now like was living in the same flat as me, so we shared a kitchen. I thought of him as a friend til around Easter ...cause I never thought it could be anything more. But then at Easter I had a realization looking back on his behavior that there might be something there. There were times where he just wanted us to walk to the supermarket together, to watch a movie just the two of us, play xbox alternating turns, complimenting me, hanging around me for a chat in the kitchen when he probs had stuff to do...sometimes when we are out on a night out find a way to touch me in some way (when drunk) ...what are your thoughts? am I thinking waaayyy too into this?


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  • Well since he was trying to be alone with you, that probably has to be because of some interest.


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  • Well I don't think that he is not into you, I think he likes you, if he wants to do things with you.

    But you are a woman, so of course we will over think them things. I'm over thinking stuff all the time, and there is nothing wrong with that. untill you start thinking he is with other girls, and things like that, then you are WAYYY over thinking the situation, I think it is cute he wants to be with you, I wish I had a guy friend.