How to know if your man is getting tired of you?

How do I know if my man is getting tired of me..And if he is getting interested in another woman? He doesn't text me as much as he use to..Do guys do that once they know your interested in them? I don't know what to do or even think and I sure as hell don't want to over think... Someone please help me!


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  • I think if he doesn't agree to meet up or go on dates, doesn't talk, isn't interested when with you, those are some signs of being bored.

    • But does it mean anything that we don't text like we use to?

    • Yeah, it means he's not that interested in talking, unfortunately a bad sign...

      Or, it may be this, that since there's a lot of talking at first, it tends to slow down, completely normal.


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  • Maybe he wants some alone time and he doesn't know how to say it to you. Just because he isn't texting you as much does not mean he has lost interest. Life happens and perhaps he is in the middle of it right now. Try giving him the benefit of the doubt until you see something that can be construed as a red flag. Then talk to him about it. Good luck

  • after they know they have you they do get a bit lazier about making the effort, it's true. as long as he is still contacting you and asking to see you you shouldn't worry.