Is it okay to ask someone where you stand?

Say you had a date with a guy and you've been talking nightly on Skype since but nothing else happened and you're just wondering whether it's going anywhere or you potentially got friendzoned? (Btw, is that a bad sign?)


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  • I don't think it is wrong, it is just likely to not end with a truthful response. A lot of people are super uncomfortable saying anything that might sound like they don't like you as a romantic potential. Or, they might like your company as a friend and are afraid to lose it by telling you they don't want more.

    To me, if I had a date with a guy and then he kept talking to me on Skype or by text, but not asking me out, I would recognize that it was not going anywhere. I might never know the exact reason why, but I would see that he was just not interested enough to keep things moving at a pace that I would expect.

    • yeah thank you, that's exactly what I was wondering about.


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  • I wouldn't ask this after one date, but I think this is a conversation that people don't have enough and should be had every once and a while or any time one party is confused about the status of the relationship. I think some people don't ask because they are afraid they might not get an answer they like. Personally though, I rather no right away that we aren't on the same page so that I can save my time and move on, even if it sucks because I liked the girl.

    • So you think it wouldn't be bad form to ask or simply weird? I'm really wondering because we've been talking nightly and we both had a great time but he hasn't asked me out again and I'm starting to wonder whether I should still bother. I don't see this guy as a friend, so I'd rather take some time off to get over him then. Just like you, I'd rather know before I start liking him any more than I do now.

    • Well if your relationship has been mostly over the internet, I would suggest you try and ask him to hang out in person a few more times. After a few more in person dates, then it might be there right time to ask what is going on.

  • Not a bad sign but it could mean he is not a social person beyond the screen within the safe vicinity of his home.

  • Is it wrong? No

    however..when a guy asks a girl the same thing, she usually runs scared

    he may do the same!

    • LOL well done. Yeah, I'm probably willing to take my chances.

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    • Thank you for doing the "right thing"

    • haha you're welcome. Thanks for commenting

  • I think it's a bit too early, haven't really given things a chance to develop.


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