Should I ask him to talk?

This guy and I had a bit of a misundersanding with communication. We got invited to the same party, and he was basically going just to see me. he lives probably an hour away from the party. Anyways, by the time he got to the party (12:45am) I had just left 10 minutes earlier. Somehow the communication went wrong. So now he's mad that he spent hours driving and wasted a tank of gas. Its both our faults, but I'm willing to take the blame to get over it. Now we're staying at the same resort (same one I met him at a year ago) so I was thinking of just texting him and asking to talk to a minute. Or what else should I do? I'm jus afraid he'll say no and then ill be awkward.


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  • Yup, just talk with him. Nothing to lose anyways.


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  • Hit him up to talk...

    if he is pissy and all bent out of shape...

    His loss...