Did I mess up bad here?

A few events happen.

Monday I had to go to buy some parts for the stove and washing machine after work. But before I do I i pick up girlfriend from T station. She got pissed because I drove to two stores to find it and it was close when there, it only took 25 mins.

Tuesday girlfriend had day off and went to the beach and dropped me off at work. At 4 I get out and walk to the car. She was pissed because I walk not: run. because she was helping someone out in Boston at a soup kitchen.

Tuesday night at 430 I go back to store and buy my parts and then head to parent. House A package. Came in the mail for her it was pots and pans for from her mom so I opened and put them away. My parents invited for dinner her and a friend was invited. She in town and friend comes over. We go to bed bath and beyond to buy some stuff and she text me she need pick up. So we leave store go to train station. Then back to store. And shop for 20 min then go home.

She got pissed. because I didn't ask her to go to bbabeyond. Then also that I put away the pots too.

Its a lot. In so short of time. But some of then are like nothing did I mess up bad here


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  • Wow, that is a crappy situation. Maybe something else is bothering her. With the information you have provided I feel like she is really overreacting. Maybe you should ask her if something is wrong. That just doesn't seem like normal reactions. Maybe ask her if you did something to tick her off?


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  • no you didn't mess up... she's just being too controlling about it and overly sensitive


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  • You will always be in the wrong with this one. A good set of ear phones for your iPod is worth it. Your sanity will last a lot longer if you decide to stick it out.