Why aren't we a couple?

So I really like this guy -- a lot. I tell him all the time how amazing, he is and how handsome he is. I make it completely obvious, and I've even told him! But nothing serious has ever happened. We do hang out we've gone out to shows together and people did at one point considered us boyfriend/girlfriend. And usually we end up making out er something. But I don't know why an actual relationship never started. I did ask him, if we were in one, and he just said "well I've never thought about it".

So why do we do these "coupley" things together, but never end up being a couple?

And the thing is, I'm moving away in a few weeks -- but I'd like to know why nothing ever happened. (All this started way before my plans to move away.)


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  • Usually it's the girl who brings it up.

    That first time you asked him, you should have told him whether he wanted to or not, since you two had already been doing things together.


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  • because your moving and there's no chance in "being a couple"


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  • if you wanted to be in one, why didn't you just tell the truth, instead if fishing. if you know what you want, there's no excuse to pretend not to. its a game. games usually beget games. you acted wishy washy, he responded in kind. you 'related'.