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So I'm a university student, and I always bump into this guy at the library. He is the librarian, I guess he needs to do something for the school, must be a scholarship holder. every time I ask him to renew my books for me and stuff, I realize he's quite of a quiet person. I guess he's the same with the other people. he never introduced himself. Lately, when I walk pass the cafeteria and see him sitting there, he would stare and won't stop. Kinda creepy. Then Urm, sometimes at the library he walks pass where I study, and when I look up I see him! That's awkward. I feel awkward. :( what do I do? I think he's a nice guy, but he wouldn't smile? Lol.


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  • Sometimes nerves can cause you to look extremely weird or even condescending.

    I think if you smiled at him, he'd smile back, or at least give some sort of response.


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  • I think he likes you and is too shy to say anything, next time he looks give him a gentle smile