What's the deal with age and dating?

what are your opinions about age and dating? If I'm under 18 and his 19 is that bad?


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  • Speaking as a stepdad of a 15yo girl, I probably wouldn't have a problem with her being with a 19yo, or even a 20yo, especially if she known the guy for a while. A random 20yo, would raise my red flag meter though, and I'd be keeping a close eye on him. Over 20, she better had been acquainted with the guy for a long time, and I can only think of a few boys who would be acceptable to me.

    • really? are you a really chill dad or what? xD you seem to be for me, like I've known this guy a year, I'm 16.

    • LOL. I should have specified when she turns 16. But yes, I am chill, because I have to, eventually, I'll have to accept that she will date and even be intimate with guys, and to trust myself I've taught her well in dealing with the problems of life.

    • Also, I can't complain about age differences, since I'm like 8 years older than her mom.


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  • Assuming you're 16, I would say you wouldn't want to date anyone older than 18-19.

    As you yourself get older these differences will be less meaningful. For example if he were 35 and you were 32, the age difference would be meaningless.

  • 16 yo girl with an 18 yo guy, coo.

    with a 19 yo guy, idk, depends on their relationship.

    with a 20 yo, well, I don't agree with it but its really non of my business anyway.

    17 with a 20, coo too.

    with a 21, also ok.

    22? idk

    that's with dating tho.

    my sexual views are significantly different.

    • im waiting till marrige and he knows that and respects that. thanks for your opinion!

    • you're welcome.

  • not at all.

  • It's going to likely be more troublesome than not. I think it's OK if the age range isn't that large, but more than 3 years is pushing it.


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  • It's just because in many cases, an older guy pursues a younger girl when he's trying to manipulate her and in a lot of situations; use her for sex. So now there's often a negative stigma attached to older guys dating younger girls. Especially if it's a high school girl because they haven't matured mentally to a certain extent. It's not their fault; they just don't have the life experience YET. Just like although I'm soon to be 20 and I know a lot, there are some things that I simply just don't have knowledge on yet because I haven't lived long enough. Same concept

  • are you 17? if you aren't then it's too old.