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there's this guy from college that I find so cute and then one day I bumbed into his Facebook account I added him even though I never add guys! anyway..we talked on FB and when I showed him my picture he told me that he noticed me a long time ago o.O he asked me to hang out together but I refused (mom's policy -_-) and then one day he told me if I would have sex with him if we were a couple one day I told him that I would never do it before marriage he said ok! and now he's always talking to me first unlike before! he told my BFF that he likes talking to me and that I'm the nicest girl ever but I just don't get it! he told me that he would never go out with a girl like me (no sex) but now he seems like I don't know..like he cares I think it's weird because before our descussion about sex he never seemed to care! sorry if I bored you!


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  • If I was an average younger guy, my thought might be that no sex before marriage is a challenge. Now stepping back from said stereotype, he might have been talking big about the no sex before marriage thing. Really if you 2 like each other talking and meeting would be the first steps to take to see if you are both compatible. If you are he will wait.

  • that's kind of weird, maybe that's the type of girl he's looking for.


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