What the eff is wrong with him.

When I was in grade 10, a guy in my class caught my eye & for some reason I began to have feelings for him. He showed many signs that he was interested in me, & because of that, I decided then to make a move on it, & sent him a message proclaiming my feelings for him at the time. We had never talked before up until I sent that message but the thing was, he never replied with anything. Two years have gone by & two months ago I was in grade 12, & before I graduated I knew I didn't want to regret not knowing how he felt for me, if he did feel anything for me. So again, before school was over I managed to grow another set of balls, & I messaged him again letting him know that I've liked him for quite some time, & I needed to let him know that before we moved on. He messaged me back, letting me know that he was immature & he just didn't know what to say when he found out I liked him because he liked me as well, but he was immature. He let me know that he still does have feelings for me. He also gave me his number & we started texting each other. We talked for about 2 1/2 weeks but not everyday until one day, he started to ignore responding to my texts. I texted him with a " Hey how's it going " & no response. The next day I texted him with "If I did anything wrong, please let me know.." & again, no response. My friend then texted him " Dude did you die ? " & again sent him, " I just love having one way conversations with myself." I don't know what happened..everything was going really good. It's been about a month since we last texted & he recently went to Europe.


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  • damn... give up already ... there are plenty of other guys out there... you need to find a guy that wants you ... your missing out chasing that idiot guy

    • It's really hard to move on from someone that you want to be with so much.

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    • I don't know who Mr. Popper's Penguins are but that made me laugh. :D Honestly, you're right. He's just a douchebag who doesn't know what he wants..

    • Mr. Popper's Penguins is a movie starring jim carrey link link


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  • Take the hint woman!

    • About what ? I don't even know how he feels for sure.

    • He doesn't like you. I don't know how you communicate with others, but if I like someone I will respond to their texts.

  • Maybe he's just busy.


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  • is he still in Europe? if so then maybe that's why he's not responding. he might just not being able to text ... he's in a different country lol.

    • The last time I texted him was in the beginning of July, it's August 2 right now. He told me he'd be leaving for Europe around this time when we were still talking.