What does it mean when a girl is happy to get your emails?

I like this girl at work and she probably knows it too.

Today I sent her an email saying... I should control my silly half from bugging her by sending emails just to say hello or say irrelevant things to her.

She replied by saying.. "I will always enjoy getting emails from your second half. ; )"

I used to message and email her occasionally... even when I'm not at work.

This one time she came up to me and said "I missed you" after being away for over a month and I think she's kind of nervous around me.

Also, I always catch her looking at me from a far... I caught her looking at me and she looked away for a second, then looked and smiled at me.


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  • it means she is happy to get your emails. by the way. winky faces are the international sign for being DTF

    • HAHA DTF? I never heard that one before... she used to come over to my desk and wink goodbye to me before leaving work. But since we're in different parts of the office now, no more. =(

      For a fact though... she doesn't do it to other guys in the office as far as I can see.

    • oh yah, winking for sure means she wants you.


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  • She probably just likes talking to you, she probably likes you, too. Try getting a bit closer to her, but take it slow. Just be careful about it, because a break up could effect your job.

  • That's a good sign for you to initiate a move then ^^. And that you can keep sending emails to her anytime you miss her. Good luck ^^

  • go ahead! don't miss your chance. I guess she is interested in you :)

  • It means she's happy to get your emails :'D


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