Girls, if you tell a guy you are mad at him?

ANd the next time he sees you he keeps to himself and when you say hi to him he is not very enthusiastic with his greeting, would you get even madder at him?

This girl is getting on my nerves. SHe is mad one day then the next she comes to talk to me and expects me to be all friendly even with me knowing she is mad, is it just me or this is crazy? WHy does she get madder?

The thing is, she has always been there to give me advice and has helped me out and listened to me in many ocassions, without me even asking. I just wish she wouldn't get mad so easily because I like talking to her and she likes talking to me but we clash a lot and its like I have to be a certain way for her to relax and open up.


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  • Haha yeah. Some girls are like that. Once they tell you they're mad at you, their anger kind of goes away and then they, for some reason, decide not to tell you they're no longer mad and then get mad all over again when you aren't your friendly self. Best of luck dealing with your crazy female friend :)


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  • Run and never look back.

  • She sounds like she has a split personality and she's off and on like a tap I'd say you either like me or you don't you're all good with me or you're not stop sending me mixed messages all the time you can't treat me how you feel like when it suits you.


What Guys Said 1

  • Because you f***ed up, pissed her off and you have no right to be pissy.

    Basically her mindset I would assume.

    • I get that I pissed her off, but then she tries to act all friendly so I'm not even sure how to act around her, if I'm friendly, she tells me she is still mad, if I'm quiet, she gets pissed, that's just bs.

    • Well what is it about? You have to understand that acting fake and dramatic is how girls tend to handle things in hs, guys are more upfront about not liking someone/something.