How to ask a random aquitance to hang out without sounding weird?

Hi, sometimes I get pretty bored and lonely being by myself lately. I would be chilling with my good friends, but their outta town and my one good guy friend is no where to be hear from :(, I miss him, but he's a transient and has no cell. I really don't talk to many people because I'm very social awkward and don't what to say to other aquitances I know when it comes to hanging out. It's like I feel there needs to be sorta a social protocal to be it, like how do I ask them to hang out. I don't just wanna "hey, hows it going", do you wanna do so and so today if I see them online or in person, I feel that would be too weird and make them standoffish towards me. What should I do?


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  • Ask them what they like to do. Then next time you want company ask them to do something they like so you can tag along.

  • Just find out some things that they enjoy to do, so they aren't completely bored, and offer the idea to them.


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