What can you do to solve when a guy is being distant?

So people had been seeing us together and they were wondering what we were. I thought..you know, were dating and its something normal to go out once in a while.. take things slow. But when they started mentioning to me that I should have the "what are we" talk, I took a risk and went for it.. mostly to see what he thought. I played it imo in a great way just saying hey have people been bugging you about what we are too or is it just me getting that? & well it went on him saying yes mostly his family, I told him it was the same for me and that it had started to come across as annoying from mine. & he stated yeah I just ignore it, that because one question leads to another.. which was very true. After a while we stopped texting, I told him Id let him go and we said bye and without even somewhat of an answer the conversation ended. But after I've been noticing he has been really distant, not texting me as much. I texted him twice since then (which I normally don't do but I was worried) "hey" and he does reply but its never much. We text for a while then he doesn't reply anymore. Last night I texted him and no reply at all. I mean can it really be done? just like that?


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  • I think when a guy is being distant, you back off a bit. Contacting harder will only push him away, so let him realize that he misses you.


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  • When a person (Women, or Man is being distant, it usually doesn't help, to go after them, BUT, imo, its irrational to just suddenly stop talking to someone you already have a relationship with.

    saying I need space, is simple takes ten seconds, then everyone is clear. saying nothing, is just passive aggressive, because no one knows what's going on.. people have stupid ways of trying to get attention. he should have just said I won't be around for a bit. instead of being disrespectful. very jmmature, imo.

    but yeah. don't talk to the baby, he needs his space& it supposed walk on eggshells for him--if you want him.

  • He probably needs some time to himself to figure out where you guys are headed and how serious things are. Give him some space. if things have already been going well with him it's only a matter of time before he gets back to you with his answer.