Why are all guys the same to me?

Every guy I start to like or start to dare always ends up being a player or just change after a while. I am told not all guys are the same. But how can I believe this when I've been treated so badly in the past? I get close to a guy he tells me he won't hurt me I believe him but then he breaks my heart again :( I just want to find honest caring man for me it's not that simple for me anymore. I had my first boyfriend when I was 18. I'm nearly 25. I feel like I should be settled with a nice guy by now

I mean date not dare


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  • you have to open your eyes more carefully and judge by his actions more than by his words. when a guy really cares for you and isn't just playing you you will know it. saying "i won't hurt you" means nothing.


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  • cuz it seems like you only want the same" types" of guys thinking the players can be changed into a "nice" guy

    i need more on this like: what types of guys attract you or who asked who out etc

    • I guess it's the 'bad boys' that I fall for so no doubt I'm getting hurt they seem to charm their way to me

    • well than there's your problem

  • You are attracted to certain types which may be the "players"

    • Maybe so. I am so silly to fall for them. I never learn

    • You'll be ok! 25 really isn't too late you'll be ok.

  • Try Match.com and specify: "I don't want no a**holes"

    • Been there done that didn't work out. I have no luck

  • Maybe it's the certain types of guys that you're attracted to that can end up being players...

    • :( I don't get why the say they are different though and turn out not to be

    • then stop paying attention to what they say and start paying attention to what they do

    • Yes I'm told actions speak louder than words. But all guys tell me they are different I fall for it every time because I have the hope they maybe

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