Girls, if you say "hi" to a guy?

and he says hi back but its not in the "tone" you were expecting, would you get pissed off and NOT talk to him if he later went up to talk to you? I have known this girl for a while and if she greets me and I use the wrong tone or voice volume she gets mad at me, its not like I'm ignoring her. Why would any girl get like that? This only happens with her, many girls get the same greeting from me and don't go around acting crazy. DO you think she wants me to make her feel special for some reason? Yes, its silly but I don't know what her deal is, she hasn't been talking to be for 2 days now. Well, she will talk to me but only to remind me what a jerk I am.


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  • Maybe its the way you come across some people can be less outgoing and more protective and maybe she doesn't realize she is doing it.

    • I know but even after I go up to her and start talking, she won't stop being mad. I tell her that sometimes I have things in my brain and I may come off as cold, but its just because I'm deep in thought. I already told her I like talking to her a lot and I'm always talking to her, but she won't listen and tells me its all my fault that things are like this.


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  • what is she saying is your fault?

    • Because I had an "attitude" when I talked to her. I seriously didn't know what I had to be in a cheerful mood every time she talks to me. SOmetimes she gets like that and I don't say anything, we can't all be in a good mood all the time, but she takes it personally.

  • She sounds needy. Don't make new neediness your problem, or it will just get worse.


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