How do you know when you are just settling for someone?

I've dealt with men who were everything I wanted and then ended up leaving me behind. And I've always went back to my first boyfriend because he's the only one that never left my side. Even dealing with other dudes he was there for me. And I just keep going back to him vexause he supports me. But then on the other hand, he doesn't talk much, he isn't really a "joker" like I love to laugh and he never makes me laugh. And it gets dull... And the sad part is that he wants to propose to me, but I'm like "do I wanna spend the rest of my life with a man who doesn't put a smile on my face daily? Its sad because I put a smile on his face because I'm funny to him, and I put in the effort to make him laugh, smile, etc. But I don't get anything in return. Its bad. I love him, but I don't know what to do, am I settling for less? Just because he supports me unlike other men?_ but then he doesn't make me smile all the time like a boyfriend should?


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  • This is difficult to answer because you are the only one who will know if you are settling or not. Sometimes you just have to follow your heart, and whatever it tells you to do. Sorry I can't really be of further help.

  • sounds like you already know. he supports you- that's nice. but he doesn't make you smile :/ don't just break up with him. talk to him first. tell him how you feel, who knows- maybe he'll rise to the challenge. or maybe you'll both realize that you need different things.