Why does a guy ask me for money when he should have it himself?

I have been talking to this guy for a month and I like him a lot but it's a work in progress and sometimes he would tell me about how he is kind of short on cash on a bill and blah blah and he always slips it in could he borrow some money this has happen twice already and I don't understand why he ask me when we barely know each other and he makes good money like what's up with that?


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  • He asks for money because he's cheap.

    • Lol maybe so I just don't want no guy to ask me for money I have my own problems too

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  • He's a bum, tell him to take a hike.

    • Lol thanks I might just do that

  • Danger! Danger!

    This is a prime example. Never ever give your money to him when they ask for it. Do not give it to them when they slip the situation into conversation.

    A month is not a relationship in which money is given unless it's for a shared dinner.

    • Thanks I needed to hear that

  • He thinks for some reason you will give it to him.

    • That's what I think like I don't know you like that

    • yeah I agree with palek, tell him to buzz off. I think now he was only being nice to get money out of you.

  • oh, honey. ditch this loser.

    • Lol I just might I just don't understand he has been paying his bills all by himself before he met me and I don't feel it's right for him to put me in that situation

  • sounds like he's a druggy that's trying to use you.. or just a douche that's trying to use you


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  • Time to say bye-bye. The majority of people are extremely uncomfortable about asking for money and will try to do without, but that's asking a family member or close friend, not someone you've been talking to for a month. You're not even in a relationship and he's asking for money, what's he going to be like in 6 months time

  • He's probably testing you and seeing what he can get from you.