Would this make me seem desperate?

My boyfriend broke up with me about two weeks ago. We dated for six months, and it was my longest relationship. I miss him so much still. I was thinking of sending him a text that said "Nick, I really miss you." Does that make me sound desperate, and should I not do it?


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  • Yes. He broke up with you for a reason – a reason he has somehow justified as the only possible course of action in his mind. Breakups are usually the hardest on the person who was dumped, but unfortunately it’s usually something they’ve been at least considering for a certain period of time. Two weeks isn’t very long in the breakup world. You’re still processing your emotions and he’s still standing by his decision (that it was the right decision and the only decision). He could very well still be processing his own feelings too. Give it a little more time – I always liked the four to six week “rule.” It’s not about mind games or trying to manipulate him in getting him back (even if getting back together IS what you want), but it gives you some time to heal and get your world back in order. If you’re still missing the guy after trying to adjust to life (and successfully attempting to move on) then feel free to text him. He’ll either respond or he won’t. At least then you’re not impulsively acting out only on emotion. You’ve gotten some of your feelings under control and you can help process some of the reasons as to WHY you may have broken up. You won’t seem desperate, you won’t seem needy and you’ll hopefully feel more in control of yourself.

    But I know breakups suck and it’s the worst when you miss the guy and can’t decide if you want to take that texting plunge or not. Either way, despite what you do, hopefully you find yourself in a happier place soon.


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  • It sounds like you really miss him.

    Do you want to express that to him?

    If someone wants to read into that, they can.

    Doesn't mean they'll be right.

  • A little bit, but if you want him to know that, then doesn't hurt to try.


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