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Girl and I talked a lot this summer, known each other a long time and have talked at least every other day for 4 years. When she wants to be left alone or you annoy her enough she will tell you to leave her alone or shut up. She hasn't texted back to anything and I have sent 2-3 texts a day of apologizing, a simple 'hey', or a random thing. I haven't gotten anything back for about a week now yet she hasn't said 'leave me alone'. I know she has her phone cause she posts to Facebook. What should I do?


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  • She is tired of talking and is ignoring you. Stop bugging her, 2-3 texts a day that she obviously doesn't want to reply to will do nothing but make things worse


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  • I haven't tried this before but maybe some girls may agree... send her some flowers. :)

    Good luck.

  • Move on, she's acting like a bitch.

    No man needs that in his life.