How to take the pressure off dating?

I am 22 this year and will finish college next year so now every single day I am thinking about the future.. what to do for work, how to earn more money, when to buy a house etc.

Planning for future is a good thing but when it comes to dating it just got me exhausted. I realized now I can't date a guy without thinking about the possible future, whether he will be a good husband or father etc. But this is not what I want and will make the guy feel pressured too, I just want the guy and I to have as much fun possible... what can I do?

Oh, and should I tell the guy I am seeing about this?


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  • ..what can I do?

    Well, remember that you're still in your early 20s, even though the future may seem daunting you're still at a young age :) remember when you were younger and had fun? Maybe try having the same carefree frame of mind, I believe that the future will fall in to place if it's meant to be.

    ...what should I tell the guy I am seeing about this?

    Hmm, well, maybe before looking into the future, see if he's really the one to be. I think it'll also be fine to talk with him about your worries about the future, I'm sure if he's the one he'll comfort you and you can work it out.

    I guess another main piece of advice is to not rush, society is rather pushed to being quick these days. Take your time, enjoy life and have fun :)

    All the best! I hope this was helpful :)


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  • Ask yourself if you want to live your life to the fullest?

    if you want to then stop worrying about future.. think about today, right now.. don't even think about tomorrow.. think what are you gonna do today and all. people plan about the things when they'll be 40 when they're 25 but really who knows they're gonna live till 40 or not. this is the day, and you are alive.. so live it. futures worries are will be handled by the future you.

  • NOT tell him that...he will most likely freak & just need to relax and have fun...most females seek out good fathers or good providers or good mates..and we (males) all know't happy...(:(:(:

  • this type of pressure won't hurt you as much

  • Date guys at least 10 years older than if those are your goals.

  • You woman are full of sh*t be happy that you can get a date a lot of men don't have the option of dating so please stop worrying about your little future. And be thankful god gave you a vagina.

    • I can't help but crack up at this.

    • well crack up then you know it's true that p**** is a door opener you woman have it easy.

  • Date many more people, practice helps


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