Guys: What makes you love a girl more? When they do work for you or no help you at all?

As I heard, most guys like it when girls don't give a guy everything he wants. Like my best friend (guy "A.K.A my crush") and he ask if I could help him with his homework [I'm not that smart, but willing to help] in which I keep my promises or I just pretty much ALWAYS do whatever he wants me to do since I like him that much as a best friend and possibly more! I buy him presents, too, to let him know how much I think of him! Would he like me more if I didn't do everything for him like would it be possible that he could like me more than a friend if I did less stuff for him? Although he is the best friend that I have ever had! Please help!


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  • I think you ought to tell him how you're feeling. Honesty is a great present you can give him! In my opinion, a girl being involved is great, especially when it's asked for. Just be careful because even people who seem great can use you. Sometimes they don't even do it on purpose.

    • However he has a girlfriend (don't really know who she is, but he won't just say things like this would he?) What is the best move?

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    • Yes. And, I hate to say it, but if he doesn't give you a legitimate answer he's either a bonehead, using you for the work you do, or both.

    • Thanks for all your help! :) Hopefully I will build up the courage to tell him how I really feel when I see him next... Speaking of which I'm "helping him" with his AP Euro homework!


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  • I don't follow, a guy likes it when a girl doesn't give everything a guy wants? somebody gave you some bad information.

    • Most people before I found this website have been giving me bad information! So a guy really enjoys getting help from girl that pretty much does all his work? That is basically what I do!

    • I think it's give-and-take, but I love when a girl does something for me, texts me, posts on my Facebook wall, etc.

    • Alrighty thanks for your pointers! :) I do text him, but not overly since he pays for his texting and plus he doesn't really use Facebook!

  • I don't base my love on the amount of work she does.

    • What do you base your love on? Since I usually make him homemade stuff, buy little present to let him know how much I think of him, big presents for his special day/ Christmas, and always letting him know how much he is appreciated even though we are best friends as much as sometimes I wish we were more!

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  • My way is to Keep no girls around him. LoL