My boyfriend keeps in touch. with his ex girlfriend?

My b.f.keeps in touch with his ex g.f. he said she has some stuff he may want from when they lived together.they lived together for 7 years.well I did a no no and read his text messages on his cell phone. They have been talking through text on and off.well yesterday he sent her his e mail address.why can't she just text him? I know that they not messing around.but I still feel uncomfortable he gives her the time of day.he keeps on harping to me about the past remaining in the past.well why doesn't he just go get his crap and then say have a good life?he puts her down and says she is fat, ugly and dykie looking.well he chose her.I know he loves me and wants to marry me .he said he could not see him self married to her.but if their texting why give her his e mail address.


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  • If it's a friendship, that's fine. But spending too much time contacting her is unnecessary.


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  • Geez, I would be f*ckin' pissed. I'd tell him to choose me or his ex, because I am not going to tolerate that. You won't sound insecure or controlling, but it's about some respect.