Should I have contacted this guy? guys opinions!

i met this guy, and we had a great time together on our first date but on the second date, we went to see a movie which I wasn't totally stoked about because you don't really get to talk much but I assumed we would do something else after. I noticed his phone rang a couple of times during the movie and he ignored it. afterward, he said that his friend was visiting from out of town and he was waiting for him by his house (which I can actually relate to because this has happened to me on a date in the past) so he had to leave. he could tell I was a bit disappointed that he was bailing and called me out on it telling me several times he wasn't and asked me what I wanted to do on the next date blah blah and that he would like to go out again if I'm willing. I kind of treated the night almost like a goodbye because I didn't know what to think if he was lying or not so I just didn't want to get my hopes up. after he dropped me off he called because he said he felt bad and wanted to reassure me that he's telling the truth and does want to see me again. I told him that I believe him and I'm down so he should just let me know and he said he has to go to a wedding this weekend and I was like OK cool. after that I never heard from him again...and now I'm thinking maybe I came off as uninterested because I never contacted again and tried to play it cool...i really liked him though :/


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  • He's probably busy and you didn't keep in contact, so he put you on the backburner or decided to move on. It can't hurt to try calling him again and see what the conversation might go. What's the worst thing that could happen? He's not interested? Then you can move on to the next guy.

  • I think it's fine you contacted him.


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