Can you tell me what you would do?

Have you ever tried to explain your reason on why you called him and stuff after not talking and ending on bad terms? trying to tell him that we ended on bad terms and it hurts you still and you try explaining but you chocked up and can tell I was thinking to hard about it. So you try but then he said oh OK cause I told him it was a lot so he said he had to eat his dinner and said bye. So soon after that I texted him this Sorry that was awkward my mind is all over the place. What I wanted to say was I'm sorry if this year I stressed you out and frustrated you. I didn't mean to be pushy, clingy and possessive. I just wanted to be friends. But the way I showed you that was the wrong way. I take blame for all of that. I just don't like that everyone was chill with each other but us. I tried not to bother you but I just wanted to clear the air. I ended on good terms with everyone else but you. And no reply. My questions is do you think he will reply or call back ? Or should I wait or call? Do you think he expects me to call or what? What would you do ? How would this make you feel?


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  • Will he reply or call back? Perhaps.


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  • Hi there. You have already said what you needed to say to him. You did this for yourself to clear the air so a response is not required. Chalk this up to getting your views out there and move on. Give him his space and show him that you truly are sorry. You can't tell someone that you're sorry for being clingy, pushy and obsessive by being clingy, pushy and obsessive. Wish you the best.