He got back with his ex?

I met a guy in May of this year, and we only actually hung out this past weekend. He got into a relationship a little after we met, and they broke up twice already. I do find him attractive and vice versa, so I knew when we would hang out, it was to get to know each other and kind of build something. He and his ex had recently broken up so we weren't trying to jump into anything. Anyway, we hung out most of the weekend. We had a really really good time..like, an amazing time, we had so much fun. Then yesterday he texts me and says he wants to time to clear his head. He had a lot on his mind, he had just lost his job, and his break up wasn't easy and now he was starting to get feelings for me. I completely understood that, and I was happy to give him all of the free time he needed. I told him to contact me whenever. And that was it. Then today I find out on Facebook of all places, that he's hanging out with his ex again. We seem to have so much more in common than they do, and she's done nothing but treat him horribly. So why would he go back? It's disappointing to see good people go back to idiots and trash. I'm hurt, not as much as I would be if we were actually dating..but I really thought we had an amazing time, and he said the same. I know they'll end up breaking up again, but I'm finding it hard to move on. What should I do?


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  • If he got back with his ex, then you should move on.


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  • Sometimes it may seem bad to us maybe it isn't all bad. Let him date the girl if they have broken up already they may break up again plus its good for you to know you need a guy who knows what he wants. Do not worry. Let him contact you...but you need to find a way to let go. my friend is having a hard time to...she is in the same predicament. but she doesn't listen to me. you holding on will only get you hurt