Am I being led on? am I a sugar momma?

my boyfriend and I have been together for 3 almost 4 months, he tells me I am the girl he plans on marrying.

he has some stuff in his life out of order, no car right now he uses his moms, he just moved back from out of state at school. He has a retail management job but there is no clear future there, he says he wants to open up his own cigar shop, that is what he manages now a cigar store.

i am 25 and he just turned 23.

I know he is not in it just for the sex, because we have not had any yet.

So I guess I am just worried I am like his sugar momma, I usually have to pick him up on the weekdays, he gets his moms car on the weekends, I never pay for anything and he puts gas in my car. But it still feels odd, to be the one driving and taking. I don't know everything else in my relationship is wonderful and he just recently went to the dealership to see how much he will need for a down payment on a new car... Maybe I am just exaggeration but I need some opinions!


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  • Am I being led on? am I a sugar momma?

    Possibly you're being led on considering how you've been together for a few months and he's talking of future plans like marriage.

    I highly doubt you're a sugar momma considering you said "So I guess I am just worried I am like his sugar momma" and "I never pay for anything ". You never paying for anything excludes you from being a sugar momma unless that was a typo and you meant he never pays for anything. (?)

    Most likely you feel like a sugar momma because you're picking him up.


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  • That is only two years age difference. Who cares? that is less than 8% of your lifespan.

    Had it been 10 or 20 years, then I could understand your thoughts. But you're the same age, relatively speaking.

    Now go enjoy life. The best part is exactly now.

  • If you don't pay for anything, then you're not a sugar momma.


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  • You're definitely a sweet girlfriend..not a sugar mamma. You're helping him out as he would.

    And he's even paying for gas and everything...

    Why do you doubt him telling you he wants to marry you someday? That's a pretty intense statement..

    You should give him more trust.